News and Press Releases
2° round European Championship F.350 - Viverone (VC)
September 08 2013

It takes place on Lake Viverone the latest round of the european championship class F/350
World Championship O.350 - Kriebstein (Germany)
August 04 2013

World Championship in the shade for the only participant of the team Alessandro Cremona
World Championship O.250 - San Nazzaro (PC)
July 21 2013

The commitment of our team continues in collaboration with the Ass. Mot. S. Nazzaro organizing a big event
1° round European Championship F.350 - Jedovnice (Czech Republic)
June 02 2013

Start of the season and the first to be engaged is our Alessandro Cremona
Track Meeting - San Nazzaro (PC)
April 26 2013

Another new initiative, this time for charity, for our team
Italian Championship O.250 - Boretto Po (RE)
October 22 2012

This year the Italian championship and we 'played in the race only in Boretto Po.
World Championship O.250 - Sturovo (Slovakia)
September 23 2012

After canceling the race in Dessau (Germany) for safety circuit, the World Championship O-250 it is recovered in Slovakia Sturovo location.
4° round Wolrd Championship F.500 - Bitterfeld (Germany)
August 12 2012

New appointment to the F500 that arrives in Germany
3° round Wolrd Championship F.500 - Tallin (Estinia)
July 22 2012

Tallinn, Estonia, the third round of the World Championship F-500
2° round Wolrd Championship F.500 - Baja (Hungary)
July 08 2012

At the weekend the Hungarian, which hosts the second round of the World Championship F-500, for our debut Alessandro Cremona
European Champion OSY/400 - San Nazzaro (PC)
June 24 2012

Our team has joined the Ass. Mot. S. Nazzaro organization of the European Championship class OSY 400 ...
World Championship O.350 - Jedovnice (Cezch Republic)
June 03 2012

After the winter break and the first two races postponed due to bad weather, is finally back in the water !!!
3° round European Championship F.350 - Auronzo Di Cadore (BL)
August 26 2011

The third round of the F.350 European Championship come to the difficult waters of Auronzo di Cadore (BL).
2° round European Championship F.350 - Bitterfield (Germany)
August 12 2011

The European Championship moved to Germany and more precisely at Bitterfield for the European Grand Prix.
Italian Championship O.250 - San Nazzaro D' Ongina (PC)
June 18 2011

Second and final test of the O.250 Italian Championship on home waters for the C&B Racing team.
Italian Championship O.250 - Barcis (PN)
June 04 2011

First race of the Italian Championship at Barcis characterized by the C&B Racing team. Massimiliano Cremona gains the Victory of the day, after winning the pole position on Saturday even before his brother Alessandro.
World Championship O.350 - Mysliborz (POLAND)
May 28 2011

At Mysliborz (Poland) it was a two-sides week end for the C&B Racing team and for its two top drivers Massimiliano and Alessandro Cremona.
1° round of European Championship F.350 and 1° round of European championship F.250 - Boretto Po (RE)
May 06 2011

First race of the season for the C&B Racing team with Alessandro Cremona attending the first test of the F.350 European Championship, while his brother Massimiliano attends the in first test European test of the F.250 European.
World Championship O.350 - Lake Alfred ( Florida)
October 21 2010

After two years we come back in Florida, at Lake Alfred, but this time to dispute the O.350 World Championship.
World Championship O.250 - Kiev (Ukraine)
July 24 2010

We are at Kiev (Ukraine) for the first of the two events of this year that the team, in particular the drivers Alessandro and Massimiliano Cremona, choose to contest, having opted for a sabbatical 2010, that's to say the O.250 World Championship.
3° round European Championship F.250 - San Nazzaro (PC)
September 12 2009

Home race for the final race of the F.250 European Championship, where our Massimiliano Cremona is the leader, but with just only two lengths from Behncke.
4° round European Championship F.350 - Boretto (RE)
September 05 2009

The last race of this Championship will be run at Boretto (RE) and Alessandro Cremona, been through unlucky and disappointing World test, struggles for the victory over Salvatore Chiuri, new World Champion who, on the wings of the recent success, records immediately the pole position, followed by Bobbioni and Massimiliano Cremona.
World Championship O.350 - Auronzo Di Cadore (Belluno)
August 29 2009

Italy, with Auronzo di Cadore, is the temple where the O.350 World Championship will take place. After the silver medal in 2007 and the title won in the last season, Alessandro Cremona is clearly the favorite.
2° round European Championship F.250 - Bitterfield (Germany)
August 07 2009

Second race of the European Championship and fight to win the title between Massimiliano Cremona, now at the top of the league, and the German Rene Behncke, new reigning World Champion, title won on the Swedish waters few weeks ago.
3° round European Championship F.350 - Kriebstein ( Germany)
August 01 2009

At Kriebstein (Germany) is staged the third round of the F.350 European Championship. Our drivers Alessandro and Massimiliano Cremona, respectively 2° and 3° in the ranking, will try to undermine the leadership of Salvatore Chiuri.
2° round European Championship F.350 - World Championship O.250
July 24 2009

Full weekend for our drivers engaged at Mora (Sweden) respectively in the second stage of the F.350 European Championship and of the O.250 World Championship.
3° round Italian Championship O.250 - Sacca di Colorno (PR)
July 18 2009

Third and final race of the 2009 O.250 Italian Championship. The leader of the ranking is Salvatore Chiuri, the representative of the Army Sport Center, followed by Alessandro Cremona, Marsala and Massimiliano Cremona.
2° round Italian Championship O.250 - Viverone (Biella)
June 27 2009

The second test for the O.250 Italian Championship is run on the waters of Viverone (Biella) with a new fight for the first position between Alessandro Cremona and Salvatore Chiuri and between Massimiliano Cremona and Marsala for the third step of the podium.
1° round European Championship F.350 - Baja (Hungary)
June 20 2009

First appointment for the F.350 European Championship in Hungary at Baja.
1° round Italian championship O.250 - Barcis (PN)
June 13 2009

The Italian Championship starts again and reopens the struggle between our two pilots, brothers Alessandro and Massimiliano Cremona, and the representatives of the Army Sport Center, Chiuri and Marsala.
1° round European Championship F.250 - Dunaujavaros ( Hungary)
May 24 2009

After a 2008 full of successes for our team, the new season starts with many appointments for our pilots.
A 2008 by Framing and that will remain in History
November 09 2008

And what a season this was: three Worldchampion title (in OSY400, O250 and O350), one European Champion title (F350) and two Italian Champion title (OSY400 and O250). This was the most successful year in the history of the C&B Team and we all are very proud and happy
for our drivers.
Lake Alfred (Florida) - 3rd world championship title for the C&B Team
October 26 2008

The worldchampionship in the classes O125, O175 and O250 in Lake Alfred, Florida
was a long and impatiently expected event and non of us ever dared to think that
it will be such a success for our team.
The doctor strikes again!
September 15 2008

Last weekend in Brandenburg (Germany) a second position was enough for Alex for becoming European Champion in class F350, with 72 points, in front of Marian Jung (SVK) with 64 points and Paul Jillings (GB) with 56 points.
We now have the second Worldchampion in our team.
August 18 2008

Diego is the new OSY400 Worldchampion!!! The decision was made literally in the last second.After a pretty rough training session he qualifyied in 5th position in his group and 10th over all
Second round of european championship Formula OSY/400
August 04 2008

This weekend Diego started for the C&B Team in Komarno in class Formula OSY400. But after the successful season so far he had a “black” weekend in Slovakia.
Second round of european championship F.250 and third round european cahmpionship F.350
July 28 2008

Last weekend the Cremona brothers started in Mora (SWE) for the European Championship in F250 (Max) and F350 (Alex). And it was a weekend full of emotions.
Alex is Worldchampion in class O350!!!!!!!
June 22 2008

We are very proud and happy to announce that our driver Alex won the Worldchampionship last weekend in Stewardby (GB). With best time in free practice he showed that he would be one of the top drivers.
we are ready for the first race of the new seasion
April 27 2008
Today is the big day! Our homepage is online now!
April 25 2008

We wish all our visitors a pleasant stay. And not only this site has it´s birthday ... Alex Cremona becomes 25 today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!!!! We wish you much luck, happiness, health and success in the racing season 2008.