Massimiliano Cremona
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activity : Pilota
number: 23 
class: F250,F350
boat: Bettaboat
engine: G.R.M
birthday: 30 Agosto 1985
adress: Zerbio di Caorso  (PC)
profession : Mechanic in SAIB
height: 1.86 m
weight: 88 kg
favorite circuit: Auronzo, Mora, San Nazzaro
hobby: fishing, motocross , soccer

In the wake of his brother Alessandro also Massimiliano came in touch with the racing world. In 2000 he enlistet as one of the youngest drivers ever in the italian championship OSY-400 where he instantly shows his skills. in 2005 he changed into the category O-250. He has a very jovial personality and is always ready for a joke that's why he is someone that is very appreciated also amongst his adversaries. Massimiliano is always very accurate in preparing for the races and in setting up a boat what makes him an optimal test operator. He knows well how to lead a race and how to place his attacks. Not very lucky at the beginning of his career he accumulates various silver medals in World and European Championships before he in 2011 finally got his first gold in the Italian Championship.

results 2015:
Italian champion class O.250
Vice World champion class O.250
3° Wolrd championship class O.350

results 2014:
Vice Italian champion class O.250
3° World championship class O.350

results 2013:
Vice World championship class O.250

results 2012:
Italian champion O.250
3° World championship class O.250

results 2011:
Italian championship class O.250

resuts 2009:
Vice European champion class F.250
Vice World champion class O.350
3° European championship class F.350

results 2008:
3° Italian championship class O.250

results 2007:
Vice European championship class F.250

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