2° round European Championship F.350 - Bitterfield (Germany)
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August 12 2011

The European Championship moved to Germany and more precisely at Bitterfield for the European Grand Prix. Our Alessandro Cremona is engaged on the German waters, with a great desire for revenge after the world away match in Poland, where he could have win the title for the second consecutive year with a bit more luck, while he had to be satisfied with the silver. Our pilot is in great shape and also his engine seems to give now the usual performances after the problems in Poland. The time trials gives the first confirmation, when Alessandro wins the pole position recording an amazing time and turning 2 seconds faster than his opponents (in the upper class, that's to say the F.500, he would be been second on the grid!). The race confirmed the superiority of the boat thanks to a good combination between carburetion, screw and trim, and for this we have to thank his mechanic Leonardo Pavesi, who follows him for years with such a passion. But all isn't so easily as it seems for Alessandro, who still has to deal with three lightning starting of the Hungarian Bedy Tunde, having some difficulties in the first two laps before getting the go-ahead for the win. During these comebacks, he records the best lap, the fastest of the week end of all the categories. Next appointment later this month in Italy at Auronzo.

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