3° round European Championship F.350 - Auronzo Di Cadore (BL)
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August 26 2011

The third round of the F.350 European Championship come to the difficult waters of Auronzo di Cadore (BL). So many people present and so many emotions from the race. In addition to Alessandro Cremona, lead of the championship, participate to this competition also his brother Massimiliano, who wants to redeem after the unlucky World away. The two brothers fight each other suddenly, passing by one best time to another one for all the time trials. At the end, Alessandro wins and comes ahead his brother for just 2 tenths, while outdistances for 1 second his direct pursuer in the championship, the Hungarian Bedy Tunde. The first heat confirms the supremacy of the brothers Cremona, who outdistance significantly their opponents: Massimiliano comes first to the checkered flag, followed by his brother Alessandro, David Loukotka third, Bedy Tunde fourth. The second race confirms that Auronzo is a very hard circuit, in fact it is won by Tunde Bedy, Massimiliano second and only fifth Alessandro, who gets into some errors, but in the third race he will have the opportunity to redeem himself. In the third heat, Massimiliano has to withdraw and Alessandro, appealing to all his determination, wins after a wonderful overtaking against Tunde. The fourth race is critical to decree the winner of this stage and so to determine if Alessandro can maintain his lead or if Tunde is a threat. During the fourth heat, all are with bated breath: Alessandro startes well from the pole, but after few laps he has to withdraw because of a technical problem; green light to Bedy Tunde, but she doesn't square things up with Massimiliano who, after solving his problems and even starting behind the lines, tries a desperate comeback and joins her only in the last two laps and overcomes her winning the race and the day. Bedy Tunde heels over for a moment and also Loukotka overcomes her, who finishes third. Final rank: 1° Massimiliano C., 2 ° Tunde B. , 3° Alessandro C.. This result allows Bedy Tunde to nibble only few points and therefore the last race at Viverone (VC) will be decisive for the assignment of the title. Great satisfaction for Massimiliano.

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