4° round European Championship F.350 and 4° European Championship F.250 - Viverone (VC)
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September 03 2011

Last appointment of the season at international level for our team. All lights are focused on the F.350, where our rider Alessandro C., ahead by just 4 points from his direct opponent Bedy Tunde, must defend his lead in the rank to win the continental title. His brother Massimiliano C. will not participate to this competition because he prefers to not interfere in the battle between the two contenders. He will participate in the F.250 to "test the engine" to reduce the "gap" from the German Rene Behncke, who steals the show in this category for the last two years. But come back to the most important appointment: high tension and high concentration in the team, there isn't possibility for errors and everything must work well. In the time trials, no problem for Alessandro, who wins the pole for the fourth time enough easily, but he can't lower his guard even if his engine seems to has better performance than his opponents. It is common knowledge that Bedy Tunde has a good starting in the race and this could be a disadvantage for us. In fact, at the first race she sprints very fast at the switching off of the lights and Alessandro has to move up. Fortunately and with merit, the overtaking happens in the first few laps. The second and third heats are a spitting images, where Bedy Tunde starts very fast and Alessandro every time spectacularly overtakes her in the earliest laps. Running the fourth and final race is useless for both of them as now the dice is cast: everything has worked well and our driver Alessandro is 2011 F.350EUROPEAN CHAMPION, second title of his career in this category.
There is still much to do in F.250: despite a good session of time trials for Massimiliano, who comes third because of technical problems, but the test has however showed which direction followed to develop more power.

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