World Championship O.350 - Jedovnice (Cezch Republic)
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June 03 2012

After the winter break and the first two races postponed due to bad weather, is finally back in the water !!! And the first round of the season at this point becomes the World Championship F.350 which is certainly not a trivial matter! The C & B Racing introduces himself with his two top drivers: Alessandro and Massimiliano Cremona. The first already twice World Champion category, goes in search of his third title, while his brother looking for the bang. The fleet of opponents is always well fed from reigning champion Rene 'Behnke, the fast Bedy Tunde, Salvatore Chiuri (WC 2009), David Loukotka and gradually all the others. Since the early responses lap times we understand that the world will be a fierce and compelling. Alexander wins a brilliant pole position followed closely by Salvatore Chiuri, R. Behnke, Tunde and Maximilian; almost five riders within a second! At the start of the first round it is always that Alexander shooting well and takes the lead on the third lap but the race is stopped due to an accident in which he was involved, luckily without consequences, even our Maximilian. In the restart Alexander has a small problem and Rene 'took the opportunity to take the lead and hold it until the end. For us, only a fourth place and the withdrawal of Maximilian. Second run: back to the command Rene 'Behnke however shadowed by Alexander that unfortunately two laps to an abrupt stop. Maximilian, despite starting from the back because the previous withdrawal, is now among the leading group and finished his third round. Third round: it could be decisive for Rene 'who already has two victories to his credit and in fact ready way trips again in command always followed by our Alex, remember that part from the sidelines. Third lap and another interruption for accident. At this point the two possible title contenders are on the grid side by side and from the first meters you have the feeling of a very exciting race. Behnke takes full advantage of his pole position and leaves it to the command always followed by Alessandro that blows constantly on the neck, ready to exploit the slightest mistake and reopen the championship. Unfortunately for him, nothing to do and the German won the title. Also good performance of Maximilian that finishing third will play the bronze with home rider Loukotka. Fourth round: last to define the podium. But once the lights our two drivers taking very well; Alex takes a few meters ahead of his brother Max and takes the lead. Part very well Loukotka that the exit of the first turn is able to fit in second place. Max tries to regain the position but did not succeed.

FINAL STANDINGS: 1° Rene 'Behnke, 2° Alessandro Cremona, 3° David Loukotka, 4° Massimiliano Cremona

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