European Champion OSY/400 - San Nazzaro (PC)
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June 24 2012

Our Company has joined the Ass.Mot. S. Nazzaro organization of the European Championship class OSY/400, in a single trial, considered by our team the race of "home". The C & B was represented by four riders: Salvatore Di Pino, Diego Bacchiega and newcomers Manuel Manfredi and Fabio Di Pino. Unfortunately it was a very positive day for our guys: the rookies have paid their inexperience considering the high level of preparation of foreigners in this category, however, ending their race in fifteenth and sixteenth place. The veterans instead stumbled into mechanical problems and a crash in the fourth round of the four planned, fortunately without consequences for them. The better of the two pilots at the end of the day was Salvatore Di Pino who was ranked tenth out of 23 participants, while Bacchiega only twelfth. The title has been won so daring by Michele Gardini

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