2° round Wolrd Championship F.500 - Baja (Hungary)
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July 08 2012

At the weekend the Hungarian, which hosts the second round of the World F-500, for our debut Alessandro Cremona that after 10 years with the categories to guide lying and where he reached important milestones (3 World Championships, 3 European Championships, 1 Italian Championship as well as many other significant results), this season will make its experience in this' illustrious category. The boat is using newly developed, built in shipyards PB TECH F. Cantando (F1 pilot) and motorized GRM Giuseppe Rossi; He has driving seat and protective cap. Obviously the path is not easy and the difficulties they face are many and will be just for the new features. In confirmation of the above, just in the free practice session of the day, you can only do one lap. A few more laps to him in timed but due to an electrical problem is "the victim of a spectacular looping", fortunately without consequences, but will not allow him to stand on the grid for the first of three rounds scheduled. He arranged the boat is able to "participate" in subsequent rounds coming course last but thus beginning his journey of running this season.

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