3° round Wolrd Championship F.500 - Tallin (Estinia)
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July 22 2012

Tallinn, Estonia, the third round of the World Championship F-500. Also we are present with Alessandro Cremona to allow him to continue his experience in this new category for him. In timed, after several attempts, he managed to win a decent eighth place on the grid of 16 participants. In the first heat then a very good starting point from the start that allows him to reach the first mark of the fifth turn. Obviously the drivers entered in this league are pilots from the long experience and great champions and Alexander is certainly not able to keep their head, so he finds himself very early in the rear but was still able to finish eleventh. The start of the second heat repeats the first, but unfortunately on lap four was forced to retire. Fair the third and final round where our Alexander still takes a good start and this time ending his race in seventh place ... .. His background is enriched with many other notions and emotions .......

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