World Championship O.250 - Sturovo (Slovakia)
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September 23 2012

After canceling the tender of Dessau (Germany) for safety circuit, the World Championship O-250 it is recovered in Slovakia Sturovo location. Championship this much anticipated as the favorite Rene 'Behnke, already three times champion of the category over the past three years, is looking for the fourth consecutive title but opponents are determined to make the company difficult and among them also our bearers Massimiliano Cremona . Eighteen drivers entered. Time trials: the best time to record just does Rene 'immediately followed by a rookie in this category, namely A. Lembit, more' time champion in the 125 Third time for our Max. First run: Needless to say, the command is taken from the German but after a short distance from Lembit demonstrating potergli keep up. Following English Turner surprising Cremona at the start and gradually all the others. Second run: Massimiliano part well and he faced down a wild Lembit in pursuit of a just unleashed Behnke. All three riders are very close and ready to take advantage of one mistake of the opponent. The round ends with this order of arrival. Third round: a good starting point in starting Lambit allows him to take the lead and win the championship and reopening so doing it becomes decisive fourth and final heat. Our Max, although fast, can not do more than third place. Fourth round: here Lembit has a good point at the start and gets a few meters ahead of the German. The latter in a final attempt to overtake make a mistake: its engine takes water and off. With two wins each title is awarded to the person who made the rounds faster and this is precisely the time to dull Estonia Lembit graduating World Champion 2012. Massimiliano Cremona finishing second in the fourth heat consolidates his place on the third step of the podium with an excellent bronze medal that makes him the best of the Italian members and enriches the already large medal Team.

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