Italian Championship O.250 - Boretto Po (RE)
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October 22 2012

This year the Italian championship was played in the race only in Boretto Po. Favorite of the championship is the pilot of the C & B Racing Team Massimiliano Cremona, defending champion 2011. Since the practice session you can imagine, however, that will not be an easy race for him because his opponents aggressive as always, will do battle. The confirmation occurs in timed where only after the expiry of the available time, Max manages to snatch pole position to his opponent ever Francesco Marsala Centre's Army. First run: Massimiliano once the lights come off fast from the wharf and takes the head of the group closely followed by Marsala own but do not bother it, but that still makes it clear that we must not lower our guard. Second run: Max again making a good start while the engine Marsala has a declining and part lingered. Behind our pilot fits Claudio Fanzini that still lags well behind. Massimiliano launched towards a landslide victory, the last lap breaks a pot and this makes losing power to his engine but fortunately its advantage is allowing it to get to the finish always in the lead. Third round: no problem Cremona goes back to command and traveling fast towards the third win that degree ITALIAN CHAMPION 2012.
FINAL STANDINGS: 1° Massimiliano Cremona, 2° Francesco Marsala , 3° Claudio Fanzini

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