Track Meeting - San Nazzaro (PC)
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April 26 2013

Another new initiative, this time for charity, for our team in collaboration with "Escaped house", the "Independent" and the police forces, welcomed, always guests of the headquarters of Powerboat S. Nazzaro, a stage the "truck meeting" held in Roveleto of Cadeo (PC) .Camion meeting was aimed to give children and teenagers of "group homes and orphanages," the area between Parma and Piacenza a weekend of leisure. Our event and 'in fact held by welcoming some 40 trucks carrying each, inside the cabin, children of various eta'ai which and' was offered a buffet and were entertained with group games, drawings and small races with model boats in the pool set up by us, helped in this by the group of volunteers of "The Saturday of the Village" of our community. Thrill arrival of trucks in a line made their entrance to the park with horns and loud music; lots of fun and entertainment for the whole duration of the stay made the day fantastic and unforgettable

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