World Championship O.250 - San Nazzaro (PC)
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July 21 2013

The commitment of our team continues in collaboration with the Ass. Mot. S. Nazzaro in the organization of a big event that could be called unique. In this weeek end was indeed played on home waters the world Championship of category O/250, with league Italian F/2 and F/1000, and the first "C & B racing trophy" of radio-controlled F.1- 3.5 cc . But the commitment of both companies does not end here, in fact frame of all this, in the park surrounding the towages, as well as places to eat, there were markets and creative hobby, a rally track tunning and not least a small gathering Ducati, as well as a 'restricted area for children and equipped with inflatable .The audience response in these two days,' was extraordinary gratificandoci of all our efforts. Our satisfaction is not limited to the excellent success of the event because let's not forget that in the World Championship O / 250 pledged our drivers Alessandro and Massimiliano Cremona who are well behaved getting two good results: silver for Massimiliano who fought until the term to grab un'oro in an international competition that is lacking to his already impressive palmares and fourth place for Alessandro, who has missed the podium by just two points and that is back to compete in this class after four years of absence. The bad condition of the river on Saturday carrying numerous debris, very dangerous for all vessels but especially for the category O/250, made us fear for the dispute of the long-awaited world, but fortunately on Sunday everything is back in the normality and it was possible to proceed with the various tests. The awarding of the world title still was not easy, because the entire competition has been characterized, among departures wrong, withdrawals due to mechanical problems or accidents, as many twists and only at the end of the fourth round you could decide its winner who again bears the name of Rene Bencke and ripping the title Estonian Lembit shadowed in this world. .... ... ALL THE TEAM C & B CONGRATULATES THE DRIVERS AND MASSIMILIANO ALESSANDRO FOR ACHIEVEMENTS ......

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