World Championship O.350 - Kriebstein (Germany)
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August 04 2013

World in the shade for the only participant of the team Alessandro Cremona. It was among the favorites for the title but his weekend was marked by numerous problems and for him only fourth place. The first bad sign him right in practice where in the early laps engine broke and forced the replacement. Difficult for him to find the right set in timed-up and ends with the fourth fastest time. The circuit Kriebstein is certainly not easy for this category as very tight, you add to this the fact that from the start to the first buoy turn the path is very short and just a mistake leaving you severely penalizes because to tag along to the group six forced to lose a lap. It 'just what happens to our pilot in the first heat, but once the lights, not the engine. As soon as the judges authorize it, it kicks off and start a great comeback, finishing fourth but that due to the round trip delay is ranked seventh. She wins the round Rene 'Benhcke defending champion of last season. The provision of Alessandro still bodes well for the rest of the race and in fact in the second race, despite starting at the back, he finds himself to follow very closely, in second place, his direct opponent Benhcke that last lap for a glitch is forced to retire, leaving the top spot, according Aderholdt third Loukotka. Third heat more or less the same script of the first with Benhcke that the strong and takes the lead immediately while Alexander is again stopped at the pier but this time it's just a split second to tag along, and one after another begins to overtake spectacular until you reach the finish line in third place. According to the American still Aderholdt that with this placement is the lead in the provisional standings. The last round again is decisive for the award of the title: who wins between Cremona, Benhcke and Aderholdt also wins the title. Ready go! Benhcke part in command using his great acceleration but is followed closely by our pilot while Aderholdt part behind and then out of the title race. Benhcke continues its race always in the head and travels to winning his third consecutive title in the category, Alessandro seems destined to the silver medal, but last turn fate played a bad joke: it breaks the propeller stopped losing it and then retreat ... for him only the fourth place finish and lots and lots of bitterness ... ..

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