1° round of European Championship F.350 and 1° round of European championship F.250 - Boretto Po (RE)
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May 06 2011

First race of the season for the C&B Racing team with Alessandro Cremona attending the first test of the F.350 European Championship, while his brother Massimiliano attends the in first test European test of the F.250 European one. In the F.250 Massimiliano mainly tests some changes made to the engine: the result is satisfactory, apart from the final result! In fact, at the end of the day he comes third behind the reigning World Champion, the German Behncke, and the English Codling. In the Saturday's time trials, he records the pole position, after a battle to last second, tearing up the first position to the German pilot right at the ending. The race was beautiful and hard-fought, but also made clear that Massimiliano has still to solve some problems with the setting up, hoping soon. The week end has been different for Alessandro Cremona who, after gaining the O.350 World title in the last season in Florida, demonstrates his supremacy in this category. Immediately, he wins the pole position and then three of the four programmed races, dominating from the first lap and managing the great advantage over the other drivers until the checkered flag. With this victory, he takes the lead of the European Championship; the next stage will be in mid-August in Germany and then in Italy at Auronzo di Cadore at the end of August and at Viverone in early September.

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