Italian Championship O.250 - Barcis (PN)
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June 04 2011

First race of the Italian Championship at Barcis characterized by the C&B Racing team. Massimiliano Cremona gains the Victory of the day, after winning the pole position on Saturday even before his brother Alessandro. In the first of three heats, he suddenly takes the lead outdistancing his opponents and wins, the brother Alessandro comes second. In the second race, the script is the same: Massimiliano sprints first and the brother Alessandro follows him, but at the first buoy he has a spectacular (and fortunately without consequences) accident and the round is stopped. After restarting, Massimiliano routs again his opponents, but at the last three laps a technical problem makes him end to the third position. Fortunately, the problem is solved in a record time and Massimiliano can thus participate in the third and final race, winning and gaining the top of the podium. take off in the thirdand final race, winning and conquering the higher step of the podium. Alessandro, in consequence of the accident, doesn't compete, but thanks to the alternation of his opponents in the ranking, maintains his daily fourth place. Good performance of the new driver joined the team in Osy/400 Class, Salvatore Di Pino, who reaches the third step of the podium at the second race. He played his first race at Borgoforte (MN), but he came seventh owing to his inexperience.

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