Italian Championship O.250 - San Nazzaro D' Ongina (PC)
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June 18 2011

Second and final test of the O.250 Italian Championship on home waters for the C&B Racing team. Massimiliano Cremona has to defend his first place in the ranking to finally win the first title in his career (till now, for him, just silver and bronze medals won in national and international competitions), while Alessandro, owing to the short position in the previous race because incident, has to play the role of squire for his brother. Massimiliano, however, shows to be in great shape and wins again the pole position with an amazing time, third time for Alessandro who experienced some mechanical problems in the trials. In the first heat, Massimiliano starts very fast and takes the lead, winning without any problem. After solving the problems thanks to the excellent work of his mechanics, Alessandro comes second. In the second race, same monologue with Massimiliano who takes the lead outdistancing his opponents and Alessandro who comes second again. In the third and final round, Massimiliano dominates again and is the first to cross happily the finishing: he is 2011 Italian Champion. Alessandro comes only third after that a debris has bended a blade of the screw, but he is however second of the day and, thanks to the placements of his opponents, wins the bronze medal.

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